Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Friend that Is truly unique

Here I am writing a post about a senior who has made an impact on me. Well this girl was a Facilitator as I entered the University but if I were to rule my judgement based on the first impression i would never had gotten myself so close to her. Well she was not like the others, she was rather original. Originality was one thing she has taught me that made me a stronger character I am today. She showed herself to a level that she did not really bother what others would say because she knew she was sincere. Yes, we fought but MOST of the time we came to our senses... Well we became closer after a MAJOR misunderstanding and our friendship was brought to a new level with the help of WAFFLES. Yes..Waffles were the meeting food she enjoyed... (Chocolate lebih... peanut butter pun lebih...) hahhaha well thats her... and this post is for her... THanks Zaiturr Mashud.. i will always remember you for being ORIGINAL :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Turning Point in LIFE..

Dear Readers,

This time , I might actually type something that makes a change in my life. Realizing things i never thought was that BIG. Well we grow up and meet new people that eventually become dear to us... BUT... during that transition we often forget our roots... Let's not touch on roots.. Let's touch about friends we make... Do you sometimes feel that the friends you make actually despite your company or even when you are there.. you actually intensify the tension they have? I felt that today... How much it hurts... well i shall not rant much but yes.. i feel down and i indeed shall STAY away.. Let's not spoil the fun that they are having... i shall seek new interest in life :(

Sunday, April 29, 2012

a smile that keeps you thinking...

Sometimes when we fall the hardest we always hope that there would be a FRIEND there that would stand beside you to pick you up... that is just because we were once there or them when they fell..
in REALITY, no one actually cares for you. outs of 10 friends maybe, just maybe there are 3 people who actually give a damn. 
We still lie to ourselves saying that it is okay for them to just stand and watch us fall...
WELL back to the main point.. many may see me in UNI just smiling but no one will ever know the pain that i have been to..
So, one day I decided to sit at the front of the Annexe to just watch people pass by and see how they react and it SUDDENLY struck me... ALL of them actually have something in common, but I still did not want to conclude my finding and took some time out of my busy schedule to chit-chat with some friends... 
 they actually face the same problem and they actually take the same solution...
they simply just SMILE...
Just like how I do it in UNI... I might smile at you but you will never see the inner pain that im going through... that is something that ONLY some will know...

QUOTE: "SMILE as often as possible IF only you want to see others SMILING back at you"

after all... IT is something that is FREE... :)


Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th!

Well Friday the 13th was always related to something rather horrifying and devastating...
for me this year, it takes a turn...
No, no.. don't get me wrong... it is not something worth screaming for rather it is for something worth tearing up for .

51 years ago, my mum was born and this post to actually a post to tell her i miss her..
Happy Birthday Mom!
No matter how much we used to bicker, Scream and fight, I will always feel sorry and love you no matter what...
2 years ago you decided to leave me but i told myself trying to be strong..I know i know it is hard but i must strive to be able to stand on my two feet...
I hope you will enjoy this very special day where ever you may be! <3 you mom :'(

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Choices? GOOD or BAD?

(Let's have a SELF-REFLECTION moment... )
Are they reluctant actions we are FORCED to take or are they DECISIONS that we are open to make?
Personally it is after all a decision we are open to make and we have to accept the consequences that we are bound to face..
Why do we still complain when we are faced with difficulties?
Why do we blame GOD or even others for the so-called "misfortune" that we face?
Why do we have to make it seem as though we REGRET the choices we made?
Well... I'm sure all of us has gone thru these questions without knowing it until you read those questions....

Quite the contrary to those who actually accept the consequences of the choices they made...Some may even seem to have a concept that it is FAITH...
In fact most of us believe that the choices we made only will happen POSITIVELY with the help of LUCK..

"What is LUCK?"
"Does LUCK exist?"

Well according to NLP learning facilitator Mr. Mohd Rizal Hassan famous for his "STOP BANGAU-ING!" has made us see a clearer picture that there is NO SUCH thing as LUCK...

so Think about it... whether it is GOOD or BAD it is choice that we have made, and nothing can change that. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Believe or Not to Believe?

BELIEVE might seem to be a simple word and often used when dealing with TRUST...
Do we actually mean it when we say it??
Sometimes saying and keeping it to heart always seems to be the best option YET the most common action would be SAYING and FORGETTING....
I actually hate the fact that a person be it a relative ,friend or even a newly met acquaintance lie to you with a STRAIGHT face.. It tends to get irritating at some point... BUT nevertheless we were taught (Well... I was taught) not to judge others.

#Please Help Me Rationalize This Situation
Well what would you do when you trust a friendship so much and cherish and respect the value of it so much that you are willing to sacrifice ALL that you have to make this friendship last.. and ...this so-called-friend does not even give a damn about it...
When you turn to your best friend who sworn to keeping secrets yet he/she blurted out your secrets to others
When you thought that your friend was always on your side and one day you found out that he/she was jealous of you all a long and was spreading rumours about you and defaming you and also tarnishing your reputation.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Even the DEAD can teach you something..

Well nevertheless it has reached the time of the year when we have to pay respect to our ancestors...Oh yes... it is a time we call "Cheng Beng".
For starters, this years Cheng Beng was not much different than all the other years and I must personally say that this year's weather compared to ALL the other years were indeed rather erratic. However despite the climate change, people also in fact change BUT not for the better yet for the worst. To me, i personally take it to heart.(YES! I admit...I am a little sensitive)
Now back to the story....Yes I may understand that I am indeed of a different religion as you BUT lets not deny the fact that I AM STILL CHINESE!! (Problem??)
You can hate me all you want but my presence there and the fact that I am carrying out my duty and respects need not have your approval to begin with.
Questions were thrown across the grave as such:-
"Why not you let those who have MORE experience deal with this?"
(MORE experience? as in referring to MORE chinese? or Younger? or even MORE Buddhist?)
Anyone care to EXPLAIN?
"Err...can you actually hold the"Joss stick" ?"
(Eh! Hello?? Auntie? Mana lu hilang when I was holding it EVERY year for the past few years??)
#The fact that the weather was getting hotter by the minute...got my temperature boiling even to a higher degree!!

I mean what is wrong with you? Seriously? I have feelings too you know... even YES my cousin sister also shows me attitude (NOT in the best manner).. Just because you think you are smatter and get most praises form people does not GIVE you the right to step above me.. and please NO one is actually competing with you...

QUOTE: " When people are humble and respect you, that does not mean they are afraid of you, they just do not want to look down on you"

So yea! I actually do not care if you buy a new gadget.. for these things are just there momentary, because of Materialism you forget your principles of life.. we should based our FAMILY relationship on TRUST,UNDERSTANDING,RESPECT, and EQUALITY.... these are values we can NEVER buy...
#Lesson learnt : We may SEE others as being different than us, BUT stand in their shoes and you will SEE that they actually see us as being DIFFERENT compared to them.

No matter how much of critiques we may receive from our own family members, we may be hurt and what-so-ever BUT we can never deny that they are family NO MATTER what..Don't do onto others what they do onto us. ALL religion surely states do kind to others as kindness will come back in return.. :)